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The time machine

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The time machine

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Author : H.G. Wells

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Believing that Time is nothing but a fourth dimension, a Victorian scientist builds the Time Machine and transports himself to the year 802,171 AD. He lands in an idyllic atmosphere among the Eloi, a degenerative species descended from man. The Eloi are child-like, weak and they dread dark. Soon, the Time Traveller discovers that the Eloi are not the only dwellers there as there exists another line of human descendants, the sinister Morlocks who feed on the Eloi. The Morlocks live in hiding but the Time Traveller has to dig them out when they capture his machine, his only hope to return to his homeland. Written by H. G. Wells near the end of the nineteenth century, The Time Machine is still among the most popular sci-fi reads and has frequently been adapted for film and TV.

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