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Author : Mary Shelley

Sku : 9789699903694

Condition : Frankenstein

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For over a century the horror of Frankenstein has captured readers imagination. It is a story of a Swiss scientist Victor Frankenstein and his ambition to create an intelligent living creature. Only when his creation stirs to life, does Victor Frankenstein realize that he has created a monster. The monster follows his creator after he attempts to abandon him and commits murders and creates havoc on the way. It is surprising that the novel which has been loved and admired by millions of readers was a result of a challenge made by Lord Byron to his fellow poets and writers on the shores of Lake Geneva in Switzerland in 1816. He asked each one of them to write a horror story as continuous rain confined them indoors. Little did Mary Shelley know that a story that she wrote for fun would become a classic revered by generations to come.

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