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The great gatsby

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The great gatsby

Author : F. Scott Fitzgerald

Sku : 9789699903007

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Told by Nick Carraway, a friend and neighbor of Gatsby, The Great Gatsby is the story of a mysterious young millionaire Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is profoundly in love with Daisy Buchanan, a girl he met and lost a few years ago. Daisy is now married. To help Gatsby succeed in his romantic endeavors, Nicky Carraway invites Daisy Buchanan to tea where she meets Gatsby again. Soon, Daisy and Gatsby begin an affair and their reunion leads to the catastrophic events that culminate into a tragic ending. The Great Gatsby is not simply a masterful tale of love and betrayal; it is a literary chronicle of American social history in the Jazz Age. As is often the case with literary masterpieces, The Great Gatsby, when first published, was less understood and was poorly received. It was only later that it embarked on a journey of never-ending literary exploits, a fate met only by a chosen few.

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